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The Glass Bastion

The Glass Bastion

A British man’s battle to climb the greasy pole of the corporate hierarchy where he finds that the colour of his skin, his ancestral culture and his religion count against him in the clandestine macrocosm that is “The Glass Bastion”.

In the great time of British colonialism when Rudyard Kipling wrote “To be born an Englishman is to win first prize in the lottery of life”, men of colour were given certain ranks and responsibilities but were never able to rise to any positions of real power. No matter how loyal, trustworthy and capable they were, they would never be favoured ahead of a true Englishman.

Today that tradition still persists in the politics of the British corporate world. There is an unspeakable and imperceptible predilection that will obstruct the progression of even the most capable and deserving individual because they do not originate from the right genetic pool to be accepted into this private club.

This is the story of Adam Ramsey, who despite his western sounding name, came from an Indian extraction. He worked tirelessly his whole life to reach the top of his career but not only did he need to fight every inch of the way for every scrap of progression but had to put his principles on the line to combat the entire corporate system. He embarks on a series of elaborate and cunning deceptions in gaining revenge on those individuals, with their ingrained and unjust prejudicial ways.