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About Shams Uddin


Shams Uddin graduated in Computer Science from University College, London and has a keen interest in Technology, Science, History and Religion. Having travelled extensively throughout the world and experienced many cultures, he offers a unique global and historical perspective to writing.
Shams has published his first book “The Year from Jahannam” both as a paperback and e-book in the Spring of 2012. He has also published “Doctor Who – The Fountain of Maturity” on Issue 11 of fan fiction site “Inferno-Fiction.co.uk”. He is currently working on other ideas for books. He has written many articles in the past for fan magazines such as Dreamwatch, Frame, Private Who and Tardis.
Shams was born in London in 1968 and considers himself a staunch British Muslim and has been a founder member of Outreach Ealing,  a community group of young British Muslims who are dedicated to building mutual and civic engagement across Ealing and Acton and has helped them organise the very successful Meet & Greet Ealing event in April 2018. He works in the Broadcast and Media Industry managing Software Development and Project Delivery and he lives in West London with his wife and three children.